A face telling more than 1000 stories.
A face telling more than 1000 stories.

Ethiopia has been incredible and unique. I have never been to a country with so much diversity - especially the different tribes with their traditions impressed me.

This picture displays a woman of the Surma tribe - known for their clay lip plates. It was the most remote and difficult place we visited. We went with two cars through literally non existing roads with heavily armed scouts to get to Kibbish. 

A Surma woman in Kibbish
A Surma woman in Kibbish

This woman belongs to the Surma tribe in Kibbish, Ethiopia. A truly fascinating culture! 

She had an enormous lip plate. The bigger the lip plate, the more beautiful the woman; hence this one was considered to be a Topmodel.

Catchy eyes.
Catchy eyes.

A young Surma woman photographed in Kibbish, southern Ethiopia.

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