Alexander Ley

Alexander Ley is a passionate wildlife photographer. Born in 1992 and made the first trip to South Africa in 1999. Ever since he is hooked by nature's beauty and is constantly seeking for new unique destinations.   

He pursued a Bachelor's and Masters Degree in International Business in London. Currently he is working as a Business Development Manager at the largest tours & activities marketplace, called GetYourGuide in Berlin. 

Burkhard Ley

Burkhard Ley loves travelling and wildlife photography. He passed on his hobby to his son Alexander. He is also fascinated by the different existing local cultures. Especially traditional ones, for instance tribes like the: Surma, Hamer, Hatzabe, Ik and many more.

He is the CFO of Wirecard, based in Munich. 

Our Publications

Our biggest passion is Wildlife Photography!
We focus on visiting the most unique, remote and spectacular places on mother earth.
Our goal is to travel at least twice a year in order to capture nature’s beauty in its fullest.